Friday, December 8, 2017


Prakat Solutions Inc
6016 Annandale Dr
Fort Worth, Texas 76132

Headline: Product Engineering Company Prioritizes People and Produces Quality Results

Fort Worth, TX - Businesses don’t grow and thrive when left completely on their own; they require care from many people, a dedicated customer base, and usually assistance from other companies who provide important services. While that last component often goes overlooked by customers, third party companies are an essential part of producing effective, intelligent, accessible services and products- especially in the world of software and product engineering and testing. That’s where Prakat Solutions Inc comes in.

As a product engineering company, it is Prakat’s goal to enhance and transform the quality of business for their clients. And while product engineering is a bit of a daunting unknown to those who are not directly involved in this world, Prakat spells their mission and services out plainly in helpful terms on their website, Essentially, this globally-involved company has great engineering abilities in the realms of software testing and product development, while also helping their clients improve their accessibility.

Prakat’s skilled team of engineers has expertise in product development for many different platforms, and they work closely with their clients to develop products primarily for internal usage by other businesses. Additionally, this company gives team and product access to certain long-term partner companies every step of the way because they really care about the person-to-person work relationship that has been lost in recent years within the product engineering industry.

Prakat also provides software testing services to clients, enabling those companies to give their customers the best possible experience when using their products. They strive to find the balance between attentive, flexible service and the efficient execution skills of outsourced high-level software vendors to give their clients optimal chance at success within any given company’s market. Another way Prakat gives clients a leg up on their competitors and shows genuine care for the lives they reach through their products and services is their focus on creating inclusive, accessible solutions. They specially formulate software applications to benefit those with disabilities and by doing so help to promote employment opportunities for an intelligent, talented community who are often overlooked in the professional world.  Prakat offers various training programs to educate and train individuals with disabilities on specific engineering and technical roles within the industry, thus creating an entirely new layer of the global workforce.

Prakat Solutions Inc, above all, aims to empower their employees, assist their clients efficiently to promote their own companies, and benefit greater society as a whole by playing their part in the cycle, educating and including the people they encounter along the way.

Contact Info:
[email protected]

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