Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Entrepreneur – The leader in the making

I had the opportunity to address the final year students of the A.P.S Engineering college. The journey of an entrepreneur is very unique, in the sense, every aspect of a person is put to test. But nevertheless, it is a journey and once it reaches its fulfillment, helps in building a nation providing livelihood to hundreds of thousands of people. As a nation matures, the only way forward to create employment to masses is to create more entrepreneurs and it is our responsibility to create the necessary eco-system to produce leaders. It is also important to make sure people who have walked this journey provide the necessary guidance and support.

So, I was thrilled to utilize this opportunity to provide the insights of my journey in creating Prakat solutions. Irrespective of the domain, the journey still remains the same. About 90 students of the final year students from various discipline signed up for the 2 day long camp that was put together by the college administration. I always feel such camps are the stepping stone in a person’s life to walk such a journey.

The session started with a unique presentation created by my team which set the tone for the session. The talk quickly turned into an Q&A session when the students started to engage with me questioning the hurdles and pitfalls of my journey.

An hour flew like few minutes before I had to hand over the stage to the next speaker. I personally feel these sessions are so important that it helps in motivating and inspiring the students to take the step of providing employment to others than just thinking about finding employment. This is the need of the hour to propel our nation to the next step – Creating next Leaders.
The talk concluded by inviting the students to experience this unique journey by devoting some time in Prakat Solutions. Prakat solutions has been created as a platform for grooming leaders providing them the necessary knowledge and skills to undertake individual’s journey to fulfill their vision.

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