Friday, December 8, 2017

Intuit Accessibility Summit 2017

Intuit Accessibility Summit 2017 was held at their Bangalore office on October 12th.  This year’s topic was “Accessibility for all”.

Ashwin (CPACC certified Accessibility Specialist) from Prakat Solutions presented a tech talk on “Accessibility is essential for some but useful to all”. Interesting topics were unfolded with appealing personal experiences. He said disability is a design impact not medical impact. Our inaccessible designs are making people disables. We need to think of various innovative solutions to break barriers faced by people with special needs.

He presented various myths about accessibility. Accessibility will not just benefit a small minority but it covers a wider category of people with temporary, episodic and age-related disabilities. Accessibility is often an afterthought in product development lifecycle. The right thing to do is to have accessibility in mind from the development stage. Most people think accessibility is hard and expensive. But the truth is, one has to have passion and a basic understanding of challenges faced by people with disabilities in using ICT products.
Secondly, it's expensive only if it is an afterthought. ‘Accessibility is ugly’ is another myth where people think accessibility fixes impact UI and decreases the performance of their product. Actually, 90% of accessibility fixes happen on DOM (Document object model) which is totally invisible to normal users.

Another interesting fact about Usability Vs. Accessibility is usability best practices increases the accessibility of the product and vice-versa. At the end, various benefits like how accessibility increases public perception on an organization, compatibility, SEO and legal implications were discussed in brief.
Ashwin shared his own experiences of different sites which are made Accessible and explained how it really helps. The team at Intuit appreciated the in-depth knowledge that Ashwin has on topics of Accessibility and invited him for next year session.


Prakat Solutions Inc
6016 Annandale Dr
Fort Worth, Texas 76132

Headline: Product Engineering Company Prioritizes People and Produces Quality Results

Fort Worth, TX - Businesses don’t grow and thrive when left completely on their own; they require care from many people, a dedicated customer base, and usually assistance from other companies who provide important services. While that last component often goes overlooked by customers, third party companies are an essential part of producing effective, intelligent, accessible services and products- especially in the world of software and product engineering and testing. That’s where Prakat Solutions Inc comes in.

As a product engineering company, it is Prakat’s goal to enhance and transform the quality of business for their clients. And while product engineering is a bit of a daunting unknown to those who are not directly involved in this world, Prakat spells their mission and services out plainly in helpful terms on their website, Essentially, this globally-involved company has great engineering abilities in the realms of software testing and product development, while also helping their clients improve their accessibility.

Prakat’s skilled team of engineers has expertise in product development for many different platforms, and they work closely with their clients to develop products primarily for internal usage by other businesses. Additionally, this company gives team and product access to certain long-term partner companies every step of the way because they really care about the person-to-person work relationship that has been lost in recent years within the product engineering industry.

Prakat also provides software testing services to clients, enabling those companies to give their customers the best possible experience when using their products. They strive to find the balance between attentive, flexible service and the efficient execution skills of outsourced high-level software vendors to give their clients optimal chance at success within any given company’s market. Another way Prakat gives clients a leg up on their competitors and shows genuine care for the lives they reach through their products and services is their focus on creating inclusive, accessible solutions. They specially formulate software applications to benefit those with disabilities and by doing so help to promote employment opportunities for an intelligent, talented community who are often overlooked in the professional world.  Prakat offers various training programs to educate and train individuals with disabilities on specific engineering and technical roles within the industry, thus creating an entirely new layer of the global workforce.

Prakat Solutions Inc, above all, aims to empower their employees, assist their clients efficiently to promote their own companies, and benefit greater society as a whole by playing their part in the cycle, educating and including the people they encounter along the way.

Contact Info:
[email protected]

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Entrepreneur – The leader in the making

I had the opportunity to address the final year students of the A.P.S Engineering college. The journey of an entrepreneur is very unique, in the sense, every aspect of a person is put to test. But nevertheless, it is a journey and once it reaches its fulfillment, helps in building a nation providing livelihood to hundreds of thousands of people. As a nation matures, the only way forward to create employment to masses is to create more entrepreneurs and it is our responsibility to create the necessary eco-system to produce leaders. It is also important to make sure people who have walked this journey provide the necessary guidance and support.

So, I was thrilled to utilize this opportunity to provide the insights of my journey in creating Prakat solutions. Irrespective of the domain, the journey still remains the same. About 90 students of the final year students from various discipline signed up for the 2 day long camp that was put together by the college administration. I always feel such camps are the stepping stone in a person’s life to walk such a journey.

The session started with a unique presentation created by my team which set the tone for the session. The talk quickly turned into an Q&A session when the students started to engage with me questioning the hurdles and pitfalls of my journey.

An hour flew like few minutes before I had to hand over the stage to the next speaker. I personally feel these sessions are so important that it helps in motivating and inspiring the students to take the step of providing employment to others than just thinking about finding employment. This is the need of the hour to propel our nation to the next step – Creating next Leaders.
The talk concluded by inviting the students to experience this unique journey by devoting some time in Prakat Solutions. Prakat solutions has been created as a platform for grooming leaders providing them the necessary knowledge and skills to undertake individual’s journey to fulfill their vision.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Prakat in partnership with Pratian Technologies leap into IT corridor in Whitefield

Monday 11th September 2017 was a milestone for Prakat. Partnering with Pratian
Technologies we have now moved into the IT corridors of Whitefield.
Prakat began its journey in 2010 with a handful of people in the IT testing services.
The four people putting their trust behind Anu’s leadership, plunged into this startup.
Amidst a stiff competitive environment, Anu drawing her leadership skills from her
past experience in Infosys, skillfully captained the ship to pass every hurdle gracefully.
In a mere seven years, from four people she managed to grow the business to about
120 people and create a niche space in the software testing and accessibility space.
Her vision to carve out a space in the accessibility space has translated into hosting
the prestigious event – GAAD, for which Prakat is now one of the very few organizations
in India to put together a comprehensive action framework in the field of accessibility
development and testing services. As a woman entrepreneur, she has successfully
created a platform where different types of IT services are being experimented to
provide best solution to the clients. Through her hard work and perseverance, she has
managed to build and service clients across several verticals. Having been featured in
several media outlets, the government of Karnataka recognized her as one of the best
women entrepreneur in the state.
Today, it is a very proud moment for every employee of Prakat to become a part of the
space which is mostly inhabited by global IT companies. This clearly has put Prakat as a
global player which is sure to play a niche role in various verticals. Partnering along with
Pratian Technologies who are a pioneer in health care the knowledge hare and symbiotic
relation is sure to create a multiplier effect in the level of services that both the companies
are bound to offer to their clients.   
Having grown from the roots, the employees of both Prakat and Pratian are sure to make
India proud by contributing in the space of Digital India. In the years to come, both Prakat
and Pratian are surely poised to become one of the biggest employers in the technology
With more than 20,000 square foot of space, the indicators are clear that there is no stopping….

Having captioned the Prakat ship for 7 years, the Prakat management is taking every step
to be innovative in its space, thereby preparing the employees to be ever ready for changes.
Investing lot of efforts in training and corporate management, Prakat has started the process
of grooming young leaders to take up responsibility to take the organization to new heights.

In this journey,
the management of Prakat, advisors and employees would like to take the opportunity to
thank everyone who have bestowed their trust in our services and helped us in every aspect
of our journey.
The new address of Prakat will be:
Prakat Technologies
185 & 185, Kundanahalli village, Whitefield,
opposite : UTC aerospace,

Friday, May 12, 2017

GAAD – Global Accessibility Awareness Day : Developing Technology for the disabled

You are cordially invited to the “GAAD -2017”, which will showcase interesting life stories of people with differently abled and technology innovators who have strived to find solutions to these

This event promises to grip the audience with live stories of people who have re-invented
themselves after they lost hope due to their disability. It also will showcase various panel
discussion from Technology providers who are making the lives of differently abled more inclusive.
Some of the stars who will be a part of the event to support the cause:

 1) Rishab Shetty – Indian director and Actor, Kannada cinema
  2) Shekar Naik – Visually blind: Captain of Indian cricket team for the blind
  3) Aparna Athreya – Story teller
  4) Dr. Pratap (Pothole Raja) – Social activist, Bangalore
  5) Mr. Sunil Panwar I.F.S – Dir. EDCS : Dept. of E-Governance, Govt. of Karnataka
** Still more confirmations from people who support the cause are awaited.
The schedule of the event:
Day: Thursday, 18th May 2017
Time: 4.30 PM
Place: Nimhans Convention center, Bangalore
For further details contact:
[email protected]
+91 988 6262 029

About Prakat:
Prakat Solutions is a technology solutions company specializing in Independent Testing
Services, Test Advisory Services, Software Product Engineering and Accessibility Enablement.
Prakat’s mission is to make all technology accessible to people with disabilities.

About Mitra Jyothi
Mitra Jyothi is a registered trust (under Indian Trust Act) located at Bangalore and has been
working for people from all over the world with disability in general and visually impaired in
particular for the past 26 years.

About GAAD (Global Accessibility Awareness Day)
Global Accessibility Awareness Day is celebrated across the world on the 3rd Thursday in May
every year to create an awareness in making technology accessible and usable by persons with
disabilities. While people may be interested in the topic of making technology accessible and
inclusive, the reality is that they often do not know how or where to start, Awareness comes first.

The purpose of GAAD is to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital (web,software, mobile, etc.) access/inclusion and people with different disabilities.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Corporate Overview

● Flexible ● Nimble ● Mature ● Predictable ● Reliable

About Prakat Solutions

Founded in 2010, Prakat is a technology solutions company specializing in Test Advisory & Engineering, Accessibility Assurance, Product Engineering and Application Modernization. Prakat partners with its clients to create a transparent, value-based relationship, leveraging the extensive experience of its team to provide innovative solutions in a wide range of technology domains that enable our customers to successfully attain their business goals. Prakat work culture is truly based on a belief, “We believe in what we do; We do what welove”.

Prakat is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company with 20+ Clients, including Fortune 1000 Companies. With its main Engineering center in Bangalore, India it also has offices in Fort Worth and Denver. It’s 70+ member team provides end to end Product Engineering services across various domains – Banking & Financial Services, Telecom, Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Legal and IT Infrastructure. The Leadership team at Prakat brings collective competencies through their past experiences in companies like CA, Infosys, Cisco, T-Mobile, VeriFone etc.
Prakat’s comprehensive Test advisory and Test Engineering offerings includes Domain functional assurance, Test automation frameworks, Performance and security validation, multi browser & mobile compatibility checks, relevant compliance and certifications
Prakat’s Product Development team has expertise in .Net, Java, MS Share point and implementation skills in Server, Desktop and Mobile. We specialize in developing Enterprise grade applications on varied platforms such as Linux, Windows, Unix and different mobile platforms.
Prakat has successfully helped customers in Legacy modernization engagements involving re architecting of complex Architectures. We provide a comprehensive package of services such as Modernization assessment, rationalization, transformation and migration for Integrating Enterprise applications and wean out unsupported technologies.
We also custom build Open Source Test solutions and Frameworks. The Integrated Validation Workbench developed by the team integrates Virtual Test environments, test tools, test management, collaboration and e-learning to provide a single environment.
Our engagements use mature Engineering practices such as CICD and Agile methodologies. This has resulted in significant productivity gains, stable and robust deployments and proven savings.
Prakat’s Consulting and Training team specializes in a wide range of information technology solutions for your company, including network management, system assessment, project management, network design, integration and security, application development, risk assessment, contingency planning, compliance consulting and data warehousing.

Accessibility Enablement
Prakat’s Accessibility Enablement service offerings validate software applications and products for ease of use to benefit users with disabilities, which means equal opportunity for all users. Prakat
facilitates Enablement of applications and products to integrate with assistive technologies in compliance with the Accessibility standards and laws laid down by the W3C Accessibility group and country specific regulations such as The American Disabilities Act, British
Standard 8878 and Canadian AODA.
Business values of Accessibility Assurance include:

• Ensuring products are inclusive by making the product accessible to all users including people with different abilities.
• By incorporating Accessibility and being inclusive, businesses stand to gain by adding new customers to their existing customer base.
• Helping organizations support a compliance program and ensuring that the technology offerings are accessible to diverse employee workforces and user constituencies including people with disabilities, aging populations, novices, and multi-lingual populations. This also reflects that the organization is a socially conscious business and gives back to society.


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Entrepreneur – The leader in the making

I had the opportunity to address the final year students of the A.P.S Engineering college. The journey of an entrepreneur is very uniq...